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That Benefit all Cities, municipalities and citizens. System integrators. Luminaire manufacturers. Smart city consultants. Discover how our smart street lighting solutions can help you.

The Smart IoT Lighting

Connecting Sensor in real life with hi-tech Smart technology. Let Octiot Be Your Sensing Partner.

The Technology

Your assets. Yours process. Real Time Monitoring and Control to reduce you Energy bills by 80% or More.

Areas of Impact

Explore the areas of functionality you could add to your buildings, with the Oct- Isense Technology.

Asset Failure Prevention

Monitoring of your key machines, with alarms against potential or actual failure.

Temperature Monitoring

Live feed of temperature from your warming or cooling equipment.


Octiot sensor solutions utilize OCTi-Sense Technology for precise motion detection in energy-efficient mode.

Experience the power of smart buildings… at no cost

OCTIOT, we use energy efficiency to power the transition to smart lighting. By unlocking energy waste saving, you could fund your smart upgrade at no cost.

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