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Why pay your energy utility over the odds?

…when you could be using that money for smart upgrades to your sites? Energy efficiency is the answer.

Reduce your bill
And enhance your profit margins on one site, or hundreds.
Replace manual processes

Through digitisation & automation, harnessing the Internet of Things (IoT) to free up staff hours.

Monitor customer experience

By understanding the environment in your stores in real-time, flagging issues before they drive customers away.

Reduce your carbon footprint

And take crucial steps on your net carbon zero journey, with big PR and ESG opportunities.

All powered by efficiency upgrades on-site
It starts with energy...

Your assets. Yours process. Real Time Monitoring and Control to reduce you Energy bills by 80% or More.

World-Leading Energy Monitoring Hardware

Intuitive Cloud Software Platform

Expert 'Virtual Energy Management'

..then it gets real smart.

An IoT network connected wirelessly throughout your restaurant, working invisibly to make your life easier.

Asset Failure Prevention

Monitoring of your key machines, with alarms against potential or actual failure.

Temperature Monitoring

Live feed of temperature from your warming or cooling equipment.


Octiot sensor solutions uses OCTi-Sense Technology, which provides accurate detection of the motion.

we value our partnership

We value our partnerships with Energy Industry organisations, dedicated to supporting quality, health & safety, decarbonisation and the drive to net zero.

Case Studies

In over 15+ state across the country, Best Energy technologies are bringing the awesome power of IoT to multi- Site Commercial Sector.


The Energy Saving on average Across 120+ over c-stores Location

Transform Your Smart City’s With OCTIOT

Find out more about using energy efficiency to fund your transition to a smart restaurant. No costs. No risk.


Read on to learn more about what we install in your restaurant and how we our technology has such an incredible impact. OCTIOT offer a full ‘eco-system’ of Internet of Things (IoT) products designed in the India and developed over years in close collaboration with the best technical experts team.

With a combination of sensors, asset controllers, digital monitoring devices and more – all tied together on a standalone network (not WiFi) – your building becomes truly smart. We install everything with minimal disruption to download your operation, then your site will be live in the Cloud and manageable remotely.

What does it cost? Nothing. Explore our Zero CapEx model here.

Discover how you can transform your building with Octiot

Book your energy waste report and enjoy the expertise of our team, free of charge. We’ll identify your energy waste figure and tell you what to do about it.

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