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Save Energy. Increase Profits. Upgrade Smart.

You waste energy every day. We specialise in identifying it, reducing it and using the proceeds to fund your transition to a smarter, more profitable restaurant.

These guys are already on the journey with us…

What we deliver:

Reduce your energy bill

And enhance your profit margins on one site, or hundreds.

Prevent equipment failures

Reduce “Smart City Lighting” closures by Predicting the Failure of key assets before they happen.

Digitise manual processes

And enhance your profit margins on one site, or hundreds.

Reduce your carbon footprint

And take crucial steps on your net carbon zero journey, with big PR and ESG opportunities.

It starts with energy...

Your assets. Your processes. Real-time monitoring and control to reduce your bills by 20% or more.

Prevent Equipment Failing & Digitise

An IoT network connected wirelessly throughout your restaurant, working invisibly to make your life easier.

Asset Failure Prevention

Monitoring of your key machines, with alarms against potential or actual failure.

Temperature Monitoring

Live feed of temperature from your warming or cooling equipment.


Octiot sensor solutions uses OCTi-Sense Technology, which provides accurate detection of the motion.

Watch our solution in action

Discover how multi- commercial- site are taking benefiting from Our Smart IoT Lighting Solution technologies – to the tune of over 80% Energy Saving.

Your Net Zero Carbon Journey

Your customers want it. Your investors want it. Net carbon zero is on everyone’s lips right now – we can get you there.

Discover how we are transforming Smart IOT Solution Globally.

Book a live demo and we’ll walk you through how our solutions will save you money, increase your profit margins and deliver incredible smart building benefits:

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Case Studies

In over 15+ state across the country, Best Energy technologies are bringing the awesome power of IoT to multi- Site Commercial Sector.


The Energy Saving on average Across 120+ over c-stores Location

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