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"Let sensors be the silent hero
guiding us to a brighter
energy efficient future."


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Emerging smart cities are now focusing on growth with sustainability. As necessity is the mother of invention, it led to the invention of what we call and identify today as smart sensor light or smart bulbs.

Reduce your energy bill

And enhance your profit margins on one site, or hundreds.

Digitise manual processes

Through digitisation & automation, harnessing the Internet of Things (IoT) to free up staff hours.

Prevent equipment failures

By understanding the environment in your stores in real-time, flagging issues before they drive customers away.

Reduce your carbon footprint

And take crucial steps on your net carbon zero journey, with big PR and ESG opportunities.

Designed to deliver impact from day one.

Octiot’s presence and absence motion sensors and sensor-enabled lighting solutions for better optimization of offi ce space by assessing the usage of conference rooms and free spaces, managing them effi ciently, and creating a comfortable environment by adjusting lighting, temperature, and humidity.

applications of our lighting solutions.

Our energy efficient lighting solutions can be applied across a range of industry sectors with great financial benefits. See more details on how Motion Sensor Mnaufacturer can help your business save money.

The answer is Sensor

Explore how the Sensor’s could transform your building into a smart, efficient environment to work in – at low cost . Energy efficiency can power your transition to a smart building – find out how.