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We’d love to help your business save money with our energy efficient solutions.

The future of sensors & lighting!
OCTIOT is a leading brand in sensors and sensor-enabled lighting solutions & manufacturing.

It is an energy-efficient lighting product and solution-based company, specialized in Sensors & Sensor enabled lighting. We have supported all types of industries to convert their normal buildings into energy efficient from last four years. Switching to sensor-based lighting products have contributed in reduction of CO2 emissions and huge savings on their electricity bills.

“We support our clients in their drive towards decarbonization and net-zero carbon emissions.”

motion sensor light
motion sensor manufacturer

Providing a full value chain to our clients starting from survey, design, business proposal to
supply, installation and service support. We work closely with you at every at step to ensure
complete satisfaction in installing motion sensor solution, no matter how big or small the project it is.



Our lighting products go through a high-industry standard quality-check procedure. Thus, the trust of our clients motivates us to offer the best.


Our skilled staff has expertise in conducting comprehensive site surveys, design & installation of OCTIOT lighting and sensor solutions.


Our priority is to provide renewable, sustainable energy solutions using energy-efficient technologies embedded in OCTIOT product line.


Our commitment is to provide our clients energy efficient solutions, while protecting the environment and drive a sustainable business in the world.


Our expertise, Quality & Environment friendly approach makes clients trust on our product & solutions. Trust is the major factor of our current position in the market.


We continually strive to be a socially responsible organization, conducting our business in an ethical manner. We uphold the law, support all universal human rights and seek to protect the environment.

you may be able to take
advantage of our lighting solutions.

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we take our responsibility to
the community seriously and take pride in being a socially responsible organisation.

We take pride in being a socially responsible organisation, always striving to ensure we conduct our business in an ethical and responsible manner. We uphold the law, support all universal human rights, seek to protect the environment, and benefit our partners and the communities where we work.

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we value our partnership

We value our partnerships with Energy Industry organisations, dedicated to supporting quality, health
& safety, decarbonisation and the drive to net zero.