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To aware everyone on earth to save energy.

OCTIOT, a leading brand in sensor and IoT-enabled solutions, is a silent guardian of the planet, championing energy efficiency. Founded in 2017, OCTIOT offers innovative products and solutions that reduce energy consumption by up to 90%, resulting in lower electricity bills and reduced CO2 emissions. Their expertise extends across industries, from offices to residential complexes. Each sensor-equipped solution is designed to understand occupancy and resource usage, ensuring energy is directed only where and when it’s genuinely needed. OCTIOT’s commitment to innovation and adaptability has made them a trusted name in the sensor and IoT domain. Their solutions empower individuals and organizations to take concrete steps towards a sustainable future.

Reduce energy costs and boost your margins, with no capital expenditure.

“Energy efficiency will account for 44% of progress to the Global Sustainable Development Scenario. So why is “Energy Efficiency” not on everyone’s lips?”