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5 New Year’s Resolutions for a Sustainable Year Ahead

New Year's Resolutions (1)

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With celebrations and the calendar year-end period, comes the new year. And with new year we conclude on creating a new year resolution list.

How about this year you focus on not only improving yourself but also contributing towards a sustainable earth?

We are here to guide you with the ultimate guide to help you kick your energy-saving habits into a sustainable shape for the year ahead.

1. Making small daily-life changes

Making little changes in your daily life like commuting through public transportation or cycling to work, wherever possible can reduce carbon emission that is increased due to the usage of personal fuel-based cars/vehicles.

Everyone can try taking a little step at a time and it can surely give a compound effect later.

2. Lighting up your home smartly with Motion Sensor Lights

Of course, winter weather brings darker days and so the need for bright spaces for longer duration increases. Lighting your home spaces using energy-efficient lights can help you reduce your electric bills. Octiot is offering a wide range of motion sensor LED bulb products to make your place sustainable. We are a leading motion sensor manufacturer in India.

Lighting smartly and sustainably is the way ahead. Let’s make this idea not only a new year resolution but also a habit. We need proper lighting to feel safe and lively at our home, not only for the winter season but all year round, right?

3. Supporting products/initiatives that support Sustainability.

Just like Octiot POSE (Project Octiot Save Energy), our focus is that not only our product supports the energy-efficient concept but also our actions. For every product a customer buys, we contribute to planting trees in society from a small portion of the purchase. It helps us in going all in our mission to make our earth a more sustainable place to live for future generations.

You can support products and initiatives that align with the same purpose as this new year’s resolution.

4. Increasing use of Sensor technology

Inculcating sensor technology and increasing its use in your home can bring a plethora of advantages. Not only it helps in utilizing electric appliances only when required, but it also helps in switching off the devices automatically when not in use. It is especially helpful in reducing brain stress and supports clearing out unnecessary tasks from your list of to-do work.

5. Reduce food wastage

Food is necessary for us to be alive. Today’s demand for food is not only for survival purposes but also represents leisure and comfort. It is a necessary requirement for any celebration and hence in the process causes a lot of food wastage.

Do you know if we reduce food wastage total CO2 emission reduction, we can achieve is 3%. Small but significant!

These are the 5 sustainable new year resolutions that we encourage you to commit to for 2023 and the year ahead also.

In many ways, 2023 is going to be a new beginning for all of us. After all the happening around the world, we are going to see positive and strong communities. We as human beings are going to be not only responsible but also realistic and ready.

With energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and cost-effective measures taken, individuals have a plethora of options when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. Octiot sustainable and energy-efficient Motion sensor lighting solution are a perfect way to save electricity and save our planet.

Let’s give these sustainable and energy efficient new year goals a go for 2023! Join us now.

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