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Lighting up the IIT Roorkee

IIT Roorkee

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee was established as the first engineering college in British India in 1847 as the Roorkee College. Since its establishment, IIT Roorkee has been playing a vital role in technical education and pursuing methods of research.

Octiot is proud to work with the IIT Roorkee upgrading their lighting to sensor-based LED lighting on the premise such as the college campus, administration section, and also the inner infrastructure.

We have fitted energy-saving LED lighting in areas such as the library, common areas, auditoriums, waiting rooms, corridors, and canteens.

Our sensor-based Lighting solutions have been one of the factors that the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee has properly designed and planned facilities and infrastructure.

Student campus areas are one of the few places that need to have lighting 24/7 and good lighting is necessary for all areas of the IIT Roorkee premise.

Sensor-based LED lights can make a huge difference to the IIT Roorkee, especially when it comes to budget and the low maintenance required.

Octiot has expert installers and a project management team that are sensitive to the needs of the education campus, given that most areas are occupied 24 hours a day making it difficult to complete jobs that are not a priority.

In addition, little to no maintenance is required for Sensor-based LED lighting, which is backed up by a warranty and quality that will solve any issues that may arise with the lighting.

India is one of the largest consumers of lighting products and energy.

Octiot has envisaged building a great knowledge-sharing, networking, and sourcing platform for the passionate and enthusiastic professionals of the lighting industry to work for the growth and betterment of the lighting industry in India.

We bring together the largest and most reliable solutions in the lighting industry with the latest technologies and innovations.

Octiot Solutions gives an ideal platform that will not only give you technical insights about the fastest and most rapidly growing industry but also provide you the comfort of emerging trends and technologies.

We focus on green lighting technology and feature a complete range of quality design, high performance, low maintenance, and cost-effective lighting solutions. Octiot Solutions provide an unbeatable mix of opportunities for the community and a chance to share ideas and best practices that will contribute to the growth of India’s lighting sector.

Since IIT Roorkee is a technical institution, it is mandatory that the science and engineering departments mainly have laboratories that are well equipped and infrastructure that is world-class.

IIT Roorkee facilities include hostels for boys and girls, banks, post office, central library and more.

If we talk about IIT Roorkee infrastructure, the classrooms are well-equipped with lighting facilities and so are the computer and mechanical labs. The institute keeps on upgrading its facilities and infrastructure so that students can develop personally and professionally.

We are glad to be a partner in their journey to upgrade their lighting infrastructure and bring sensor solutions to their world.

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